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And that’s where HQ Offshore comes in. After an extensive evaluation, we selected them to provide our call center services. Call center management is all they do, so they have the best-in-class people, processes, systems and analytics we need to win.

Aleen Valzac


We wanted our customers to be treated like we would treat them ourselves. A goal any company would probably want. HQ Offshore wasn’t the first company we tried for after-hours coverage. Believe me, there is a difference. We are very satisfied with their performance.

Alex Joan


When we were in the market for a company to handle our calls, we were looking for a company who would grow with us and provide the same level of customer service to our customers that our reps provide. HQ Offshore has not disappointed us. As we have expanded our technology to provide the best service we can to our customers, HQ Offshore has expanded with us. The HQ Offshore team has worked closely with us and we have a strong working relationship. We are treated as a customer of HQ Offshore and not as just another client of HQ Offshore .

Jack Morison

Motorcycle Company

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